This is a post for the Student Blogging Challenge.

Only one student nomination and one class nomination allowed, eh? Challenge accepted!
Challenge Accepted
You know why this is difficult for me to choose? There are so many wonderful blogs out there!

However, I have found and chosen the one blog I like the most: see it HERE. Do you want to know why I chose this blog? Well, first, the layout captures my attention. Second, the posts from this blog are interesting. I lvoe the trivia facts. They were very informative, and that’s how I usually like things :)

The class blog I’m nominating is Mr. Miller’s Classroom Blog. I chose this blog because I really like the variety of pictures in the blog. Also, I really like the posts because they are interesting.

2 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. You’ve made a great choice.. I also agree with you. The layout of this blog captures also my attention and this what find’s me so interesting.

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