Yong Min’s Blog – Peer Audit

This post is, aside from being a Student Blogging Challenge post, a peer audit post for my friend Yong Min.

So, the first things that caught my eye was the “Sleep is the number one priority” quote, the blog name, and the picture of a guy sleeping. You must really like sleeping, eh?

I went through the blog and found some pretty interesting posts, like your favorite game. I tried playing it but didn’t know how to… :))

Something that was kinda distracting on your blog was the music. I visited the blog (and I also opened a few other tabs) and I heard music, so I was wondering, “Where did that come from?” I think that if you can pause it and somehow tell people that if they want to hear music, they can turn it on, it would be really great.

2 thoughts on “Yong Min’s Blog – Peer Audit

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