Why you should visit my blog

Well, I’m not exactly a pro blogger. In fact, I’m kinda new to this whole blogging business.

I’ll try to make my posts as interesting as possible. However, considering that I’m an animal lover, I’ll probably post about animals. If you like animals, you might want to visit my blog. Spread the love of animals!

Also, there will be posts for the Student Blogging Challenge since I’m participating in it.

Comments are welcome and please link to your blogs so I can visit them!

10 thoughts on “Why you should visit my blog

  1. Well, I found it on Google Image Search. I just typed in love animals gif in the search box. It should be on the first page.

  2. Wow your blog is kinda interesting and I want to know more about animals, too. So I hope I can learn more from your blog! =)

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  4. hi hi,what’s up
    your blog is look good
    how can you do the shark animation stuff

  5. The shark is a widget. You can click on the get widget button at the bottom of the shark tank and there should be a link on your screen. Copy it and embed it onto your blog!

  6. Hey Mary,
    nice blog,i love animals too

    i think the important things when you comment are: being polite (cuz you can really offend someone) and not putting personal info ( it could be dangerous) well thats it! see ya at school

  7. I think I could relate when it comes to animals. But the problem is my mom wouldn’t have me any sort of pets around the house. I don’t know why still up to now.

    Caroline Campbell

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